On 1 June, 2015 the St Vincent de Paul Society made a submission on Re:Think – Tax Discussion Paper 2015 to the Treasury's Tax White Paper Task Force.

Executive Summary

The St Vincent de Paul Society believe that values such as fairness, equality, and human rights should guide our thinking about taxation. These values lead to some expectations about the role of government and expenditure (for example, providing a decent standard of basic services to everyone), which in turn informs what our revenue and redistribution system will need to look like. 

Based on these values, we believe that taxation must be progressive and fair, with loopholes for the rich closed off. People should pay according to their means, and be assured that they are able to have access to all that they need in order to enjoy a decent standard of life. Finally, Not-For-Profits should continue to be supported by the tax system given the essential work that many do.