Overview of Vinnies response to the Commission of Audit

The Commission of Audit report was released on May 1st, 2014. The St Vincent de Paul Society's released this statement in response to the report. Prior to its release, the National Commission of Audit (“ the Commission”) had invited submissions on its terms of reference. The National Council consulted with the Society’s state bodies, and welcomed the opportunity to contribute this submission. However, we believe that the terms of reference take a rather narrow view of the problem (as “ inefficiency” ), and the solution (as “cutting expenditure” ). There are six underlying themes and assumptions that we do not believe the Commission’s Terms of Reference have adequately addressed. These are: the question of what dictates an individual’s outcomes; the role government should play in our lives; the efficiency of our current government; how long-term government policy should look; the role of government revenue (not just expenditure) in the budget; and finally the fact that there are other savings to be found in areas that government does not seem to consider.