Submission to DoHA re: Draft 10 Year Roadmap for National Mental Health Reform (Feb 2012)

The Society's mission resonates strongly with the intention of the National Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, articulated in the Roadmap as the promotion of social justice, equity, access and a compassionate society, with mental health as its primary goal.

We know from our work that the relationship between social exclusion, trauma and poor mental health is complex and mutually reinforcing. Social justice and social inclusion must be part of a national mental health agenda. This assertion is supported by a large and growing body of international literature on the Social Determinants of Mental Health.

The Draft 10 Year Roadmap for Mental Health Reform suggests the Government is fully aware that addressing social and economic disadvantage is an important aspect of the broader mental health agenda. Further, the Roadmap notes the importance of social policy in prevention and the role of government in “developing environments that foster good mental health and protect against known risk factors”.