Inconsistent Regulatory Regimes

The scale of the recent national bushfire, that crossed jurisdictional boundaries over a relatively short time period, is a good example of the need for a streamlined, consistent and efficient approach to fundraising regulation in Australia. However, the capacity to generate donations quickly when disasters unfold is significantly hampered by an outdated regulatory framework that is no longer fit for purpose.

The current regulatory framework is complex, arcane, inconsistent and incompatible with a fundraising environment that is conducted largely on-line, in effect, with no jurisdictional borders. Under the current regulatory framework, any state or territory based charity that solicits donations from any other state or territory must meet the regulatory fundraising and reporting requirements of those jurisdictions. These requirements increase the costs and administrative burden for both charities and regulators. In short, charities much hold an authority to fundraise, maintain ongoing eligibility to fundraise and meet compliance measures and reporting requirements (in all relevant jurisdictions).

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