Policy Submissions

In its role of advocating for the rights of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the community, the St Vincent de Paul Society regularly makes written submissions, or reports, to government inquiries, independent Commissioners, government agencies, and human rights bodies. The subject matter of these submissions is broad, ranging from Indigenous rights to the impact of rising electricity prices, and from asylum seekers to the inadequacy of unemployment benefits.

  • Low-Income Submissions

    The St Vincent de Paul Society highlights the effects of the social security system, employment policy, and wider social policy on Australians on low incomes.

  • Budget Submissions

    The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia prepares an annual submission prior to the Federal Budget.

  • Refugee and Migrant Submissions

    Vinnies witnesses firsthand the benefits refugees and migrants make to the broader Australian community, and we support policies that treat migrants and refugees with humanity, compassion and respect.

  • Children and Education Submissions

    The St Vincent de Paul Society believes that everyone in Australia has the right to “a place to learn” and the rights of children are a prominent concern.

  • Charity and not-for-profit sector reform

    The St Vincent de Paul Society welcomes sector reform and the opportunity to contribute to the process.

  • Health Submissions

    Vinnies is concerned with all areas of health, but the primary focus is the health of the most disadvantaged and tackling the social determinants of health.

  • Housing and Homelessness Submissions

    The St Vincent de Paul Society is also actively engaged in the fulfilment of the right to housing for all Australians, through our programs and advocacy.

  • Indigenous Australia

    The Society is committed to justice, rights and respect for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders.

  • Miscellaneous submissions

    The subject matter of these submissions ranges from domestic violence, gender inequality, human rights, justice reinvestment, energy poverty, problem gambling, and more.