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4 National President’s Report

The issue of refugees has become increasingly politicised over the last decade in Australia, and indeed throughout much of the world. At the heart of this debate are people: mums, dads, brothers, sisters, the old and young.

4 A short history of the St Vincent de Paul Society’s work with migrants and refugees

5 Our Vision and Purpose

6 Chief Executive Officer’s Report ‘The ache for home’

7 National Council Members

8 National statistics
An overview of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia.

9-12 Advocacy Report: 2016 Overview

13-14 Summary of National Council media releases and statements on matters affecting refugees and asylum seekers

15 Migrant and Refugee Centre in
South Australia

How the Centre assisted a man who fled from Afghanistan with his family.

16-17 The long fight for freedom
How the Refugee & Migrant Support program in Western Australia assisted a traumatised man who fled from Pakistan.

18-19 Our obligations
The Society’s refugee services in Sydney and across NSW.

20 Volunteer Refugee Tutoring and
Community Support (VoRTCS)

Educational, vocational and social opportunities provided by the Society in Queensland for refugee families.

21 Supporting refugees in Canberra/

Support provided by the Caritas Christi Conference.

22-23 Entering at a trickle
Why Tasmania’s refugee intake is low.

23 Optional Protocol to the UN
Convention Against Torture (OPCAT)

Vinnies continues to push for OPCAT to be ratified.

24 The art of humanity
Art exhibition in Melbourne aimed at highlighting the plight of refugees and asylum seekers attracts more than 260 artworks. 

25 Space to move on
Darwin hostel provides hope for man escaping religious persecution.

26 Overseas development
Overseas projects that Vinnies supports help all people in need, including those who have found refuge in a new country.

27 National Financial Statements 2016