Speaking out for social Justice

The following is an excerpt from the St Vincent de Paul Society National President's Report.

It is easy to forget that the St Vincent de Paul Society was born as a movement of young people who were inflamed by a practical passion for social justice. Theirs was the dream of a just and compassionate future for the people pushed to the margins in 19th Century Paris.

They did something completely revolutionary, especially for their time and place.

We in Australia at the dawn of the 21st century need to be courageous enough to take up the challenge of our founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam and his young companions. We are blessed with the commitment and integrity of so many dynamic young people in the St Vincent de Paul Society. We must begin to build the future now or there will simply be no future for us!

We have something very special to offer those who join us: the space in which they can find their God in the people who are pushed to the margins of society.

It is essential that we move forward on a sound financial basis so that we have the material resources to provide assistance to the excluded and marginalised.

But what is of even greater importance is that we have the people to do this! We are nothing without the hearts, the heads and the hands that reach out in friendship and solidarity to our sisters and brothers who suffer the brunt of unjust structures and unfair laws.