The proposed welfare bill will push people further into poverty. We have to stand together against it

John Falzon, 

The Guardian, 18 September 2017

With discriminatory and demonising policy measures the government is again taking from those who have little and giving to those who have much

When social policy is made from above, be it by the moneyed class or by governments that serve its objectives, it is inevitable that it will alight on the notion that social problems lie with the individuals and, by extension, the communities, who bear the brunt of structural and historical inequality. This is very much the case with the welfare reform bill. This proposed legislation makes nine more cuts, introducing drug testing and extending income management to people who are not only struggling with income inadequacy but also often with a sense of despair and disempowerment. These measures are designed to push people further into poverty. They are discriminatory and demonising. There is no place for them in a nation that prides itself on fairness and opportunity.

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