Report on gender, housing and taxation

The report, ‘A right to housing: A gendered perspective on housing and taxation’ was written by Thevini Kirupakaran during the completion of her internship with the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia in 2015.

The St Vincent de Paul Society believes housing is a human right and access to suitable, affordable housing should be a key policy goal for the Federal Government. However, current taxation schemes have undermined this vital policy goal and have driven housing unaffordability to an unsustainable level.

The Report found that women in particular are specifically disadvantaged in the housing market and face adverse impacts from the housing unaffordability crisis. Taxation schemes such as negative gearing and the CGT overwhelmingly subsidise the high-income earners that are predominantly men and have minimal benefits for low-income earners who tend to be women.

The Report recommends taxation reforms such as restricting negative gearing, removing concessions and exemptions in the CGT system and remodelling the superannuation framework to help address these gendered biases and obstacles.

The St Vincent de Paul Society will continue to urge the government to recognise the need for broad taxation reform as the housing affordability crisis worsens and impacts those most disadvantaged in society.