Vinnies NSW Reports and Submissions

Submission to the Select Committee on the High Level of First Nations People in Custody

17 September 2020

The St Vincent de Paul Society is deeply concerned about the unacceptably high level of First Nations people in custody. As the Uluru Statement from The Heart declares, First Nations people “are not an innately criminal people”. Rather, the disproportionate representation of First Nations people in the criminal justice system is a legacy of colonisation. It is reflective of intergenerational trauma, dispossession, and systemic racism.

Submission to the Housing Strategy for NSW Discussion Paper

23 July 2020

The NSW Government plays a critical role in ensuring that all people – especially those experiencing poverty and disadvantage – have access to housing that affords them physical safety, protection from the elements, and security of tenure, at a cost that does not compromise access to other essentials like food and energy. Our feedback on the Discussion Paper aims to promote the availability and affordability of housing for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage over the next 20 years.


Submission to the Inquiry into Support for Drought-Affected Communities in NSW

6 December 2019

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW has been actively involved in responding to the drought in NSW, independently raising over $2 million in assistance, contributing close to $3 million from the Society’s own reserves and distributing government relief programs including the Drought Community Support Initiative and the Energy Account Payment Assistance Scheme. In addition to measures that would stimulate regional and rural economies, we outline ways in which the NSW Government could better assist households struggling to pay energy bills and council rates.


Submission to the NSW Review of Federal Financial Relations

21 November 2019

Our submission to the NSW Review of Federal Financial Relations recognises the role the tax system plays in the distribution of wealth, and in raising revenue to support community needs. It focuses on how two tax streams within the State Government’s remit can be amended to work more effectively for people on low incomes.


Local Strategic Planning Statements and Local Housing Strategies


As councils across Greater Metropolitan Sydney develop Local Strategic Planning Statements and Local Housing Strategies, employees and members of the St Vincent de Paul Society have responded by urging Councils to adopt meaningful affordable housing targets, and to advocate for investment in social housing.


Response to Digital Metering Public Consultation Paper

11 September 2019

The St Vincent de Paul Society’s response to the Digital Metering Public Consultation Paper cautions against allowing the moratorium on remote disconnections to expire in June 2020. This change would likely increase disconnection rates which has a negative emotional, physical and mental impact. Consumer protections are not yet adequate to the task of ensuring people are offered appropriate supports prior to being disconnected.


Feedback on the proposed Residential Tenancies Regulation 2019

26 July 2019

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW daily witnesses the impact of poor-quality housing on people’s lives. Our response to the proposed Residential Tenancies Regulation supports the general principle that social housing tenants should have access to the same rights and protections as tenants in the private market. We also identify opportunities to amend the draft regulations to help make rental properties more energy efficient.


The Way Home: Vinnies NSW 2019 Election Statement

March 2019

Our 2019 Election Statement outlines key steps our State Government could take, within its next term, to begin breaking down the barriers that prevent some people in our community from living well. NSW is the richest State in Australia. Our budget is in surplus and we have very little debt. It is simply a matter of priorities.


Response to the Central Coast Council’s Draft Affordable and Alternative Housing Strategy

18 December 2018

The Society welcomes the inclusion of indicative targets for affordable housing in Central Coast Council’s Draft Strategy, and proposes fourteen recommendations to further support and strengthen the Strategy’s capacity to meet its stated goals.


Response to the Proposed Update of the NSW Social Programs Code for Energy

12 September 2018

As the NSW Government considers updating the NSW Social Programs Code for Energy, we recommend that retailers be required to ensure all rebate customers are on the best available offer. When customers are not on the best deal they do not receive the full value of any Government rebates – instead, rebates act as subsidies for the retailer rather than the customer.


Submission to the Inquiry into Fresh Food Pricing in New South Wales

24 May 2018

This submission focuses on the prevalence of food insecurity in New South Wales, and the identification of ‘food deserts’ in communities across our State. With the Society providing close to $8 million in food support in 2017 alone, our experience speaks to the need for urgent action to improve access to affordable, fresh and nutritious food.


Submission to the Inquiry into Electricity Supply, Demand and Prices

23 October 2017

Electricity is an essential service. This submission makes eight recommendations to Government to ensure everyone in our community has access to affordable, reliable and clean energy.


Response to Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft District Plans

31 March 2017

While the Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft District Plans consider affordable housing targets in the range of 5-10%, our submission calls for more ambitious targets in district plans, supported by a high-level target across the Greater Sydney Region.


Open letter to The Hon. Mike Baird MP – Affordable Housing

15 November 2016

A consortium of community and faith-based groups are calling on the NSW Government to mandate affordable housing quotas for rezoned developments to help address the State’s worsening housing crisis.


Response to NSW Homelessness Discussion Paper

28 October 2016

Our response to the NSW Government’s Foundations for change- Homelessness in NSW discussion paper makes twenty targeted recommendations to prevent and reduce homelessness in NSW.


Homes for Older Women

15 February 2016

In February 2016, St Vincent de Paul Society endorsed A Plan for Change: Homes for Older Women. The plan proposes a series of initiatives to help ensure the growing cohort of older women at risk of homelessness can live in homes that are safe, secure and affordable.


Response to the Social Housing in NSW Discussion Paper

19 February 2015

While investment in increasing and improving the supply of social housing in NSW is an urgent priority, our submission also addresses reforms needed in the broader housing market to increase the supply of private rental housing that is affordable for lower-income households.


Submission to the NSW Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing

19 February 2015

Our submission features stories of people for whom the private rental market does not deliver. It calls for a formal plan to increase the supply of social housing, supported by capital investment, and for social housing to be defined as social infrastructure.