Our Recommendations

Our 2019 Election Statement outlines key steps our State Government could take, within its next term, to begin breaking down the barriers that prevent some people in our community from living well.

We call on the next NSW Government to:

  1. Mandate affordable housing targets for all new residential developments - 15 percent on private land; 30 percent on government-owned land.
  2. Build at least 5000 social housing dwellings per year for each of the next ten years.
  3. Remove ‘no grounds’ evictions from NSW rental laws.
  4. Mandate minimum energy efficiency standards for all public and private rental properties.
  5. Provide households on low incomes with a 17.5% reduction on their energy bills.
  6. Remove permanent residency and citizenship requirements for accessing all housing and homelessness services and supports, and increase funding accordingly.
  7. Reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness across NSW by 25% by 2021, using the 2016 census as a baseline.