St Vincent de Paul Society members cannot see injustice and let it go unchallenged. We feel compelled to Raise Our Voice; to advocate on behalf of the people we assist and speak out on the barriers that keep people in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage. Our members have identified priority areas that are of greatest concern to local communities around NSW. At our 2013 and 2014 Social Justice Forums, over 120 members from across the state debated and voted on the most important social justice issues of our time.

This Social Justice Statement focuses on the top three identified issues:
1. Affordable Housing and Homelessness;
2. Energy Affordability and Cost of Living Pressures; and
3. Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
This Social Justice Statement offers practical solutions to effect change in each of these areas and invites our members, volunteers, and the general public to speak up for justice. Together we can work towards addressing entrenched injustices and creating a fairer society.