Vinnies is campaigning alongside numerous allies, including the Sydney Alliance. Over 100 social services agencies, community organisations, churches and trade unions support inclusionary zoning with at least 15% of affordable housing set aside on private land and 30% on public land. This includes the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, Catholic Care, Uniting, Mission Australia, the Tenants Union, Settlement Services International, Jewish Care, the National Education Union and many more.

The business community, including the Committee for Sydney and leading academics, including Professor Peter Phibbs from the University of Sydney and Professor Bill Randolph, Director of City Futures at UNSW also support inclusionary zoning.  PWC “recommend 35% inclusionary zoning and this be required across all large residential development across NSW, not just marked urban renewal and greenfield development […]. This would result in standardised conditions for affordable housing for all developers.” PWC’s detailed housing policy to tackle Sydney’s affordable housing crisis is available here.

The Greater Sydney Commission supports inclusionary zoning but only with 5-10% set aside for affordable housing, which is insufficient. You can read our submission to the Greater Sydney Commission.