On 3 August 2017, our petition for more affordable housing was tabled and discussed in the NSW Parliament.  Members, staff, volunteers and friends of SVDP watched the Parliamentary debate from the Viewing Gallery of the Legislative Assembly. The following MPs spoke:

  • Damien Tudehope, Member for Epping (Liberal), introduced the petition and supports affordable housing in principle, although he cautioned about disrupting the market and did not commit to a percentage.
  • Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition (Labor), acknowledged that the SVDP leadership had convinced him to adopt our policy in recommendation. Labor proposes 15% on private land and 25% on Government land.
  • Anthony Roberts, Minister for Planning (Liberal), cautioned against feasibility & referred to the work of the Greater Sydney Commission (5-10%).
  • Michael Daley, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Labor) reiterated Luke Foley and Labor’s policy.
  • Geoff Lee, Member for Parramatta (Liberal) spoke against the recommendation, which he called risky.
  • Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown (the Greens), supports a 30% policy and applauded the Society for its campaign, which led to a debate about percentages while the major parties accept the principle that affordable housing needs to be mandated.

You can watch the full debate here:


However the campaign is not over, we are continuing our petition in 2018 to keep up the pressure on the NSW Government to achieve 15 per cent affordable housing.