Members, staff, volunteers and friends of SVDP then watched the Parliamentary debate from the Viewing Gallery of the Legislative Assembly. Due to a record attendance for a petition, the Viewing Gallery was full and a separate room was also made available for people to watch the debate on a screen. The following MPs spoke:

  • Damien Tudehope, Member for Epping (Liberal), introduced the petition and supports affordable housing in principle, although he cautioned about disrupting the market and did not commit to a percentage.
  • Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition (Labor), acknowledged that the SVDP leadership had convinced him to adopt our policy in recommendation. Labor proposes 15% on private land and 25% on Government land.
  • Anthony Roberts, Minister for Planning (Liberal), cautioned against feasibility & referred to the work of the Greater Sydney Commission (5-10%).
  • Michael Daley, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Labor) reiterated Luke Foley and Labor’s policy.
  • Geoff Lee, Member for Parramatta (Liberal) spoke against the recommendation, which he called risky.
  • Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown (the Greens), supports a 30% policy and applauded the Society for its campaign, which led to a debate about percentages while the major parties accept the principle that affordable housing needs to be mandated.

You can watch the full debate here: