Philippine ALS Project

In the Philippines, many children do not have the opportunity to attend and finish formal basic education.  The Philippine Government has established an Alternative Learning System (ALS) to provide out-of-school children, youth and adults with basic education.   The ALS Program is managed by learning facilitators and is generally more informal, flexible and community based than formal schooling.

CIC-Mandaue is an established provider of the ALS Program in Cebu Province.  The Society in the Philippines has supported students at CIC-Mandaue by providing uniforms, reproducing education manuals, and the providing AV equipment to assist with instruction. 

The Blessed Rosalie Rendu Conference requested support for the ALS Program from their Australian twin, Our Lady of Mercy in Western Australia to purchase a photocopier, computer and camera equipment for the program.  Modules provided by the Department of Education need to be reproduced for students and the computer and camera were requested to improve the technical skills of the students.

The provision of these items for $1,000 for this project has so far assisted in the training of 35 young people and adults (18 females and 17 males), aged from 16 – 41 years in fields such as housekeeping, welding, sewing and cooking.  The Project Manager for the project in the Philippines reports:

“Helping the disadvantaged acquire knowledge and some practical skills enables them to be productive citizens. This will give them dignity and self-confidence, and make them aware of their self-worth as young people in society.  It will increase their job opportunities to improve their way of living.  It is also a good influence on other youth.”  

The project will continue to benefit future students of the ALS Program in the coming years.