The St Vincent de Paul Society is committed to providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for all seniors in a dignified manner.

Vinnies has a strong commitment to supporting people as they grow older including those living in seniors living facilities, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Seniors services in focus

As well as visiting many Seniors in their own homes to provide material assistance and companionship, in certain states Vinnies is a provider of caring and supportive accommodation and services for seniors. These services include seniors living, seniors support services and interaction programs for seniors.

Many of our members across Australia devote their work to visiting people in seniors accommodation. Other events for seniors that Vinnies helps organise include regular activities with older people ranging from assistance in attending Mass to regular Saturday morning teas and singalongs.

Many of our volunteers and members are seniors, and it is through their wisdom and direction the St Vincent de Paul Society has built its reputation as a compassionate organisation and a leading charity in Australia. The Society would not exist without its members and volunteers; they are the Society.

Case study:  Mt St Vincent Nursing Home and Therapy Centre

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home and Therapy Centre is a Special Work of St Vincent de Paul Society Devonport Region in Ulverstone Tasmania, which provides aged care living for all of our valued community members.

Mt St Vincent was originally a privately owned nursing home with the capacity of eight beds.  The Society took ownership of the home in 1969 and today it has a capacity of sixty nine beds. The Therapy Centre was built and opened in the 1970s with the assistance of the Apex Club of Ulverstone. 

Our philosophy is that each person has the inestimable worth in their own right. Our vision is to provide holistic care for all residents and clients in a dignified manner. Our Mission Statement is to love, support and protect with dignity and faith to those who live and work within.

Tailored services for residents of all ages

Mt St Vincent Nursing Home and Therapy Centre offer a variety of care options to suit resident’s individual needs and requirements. We also provide care for younger people with debilitating conditions and have purpose built rooms with computer equipment and specialised facilities which enables them to have their own space within a high care facility.

Mt St Vincent aged care facility includes many forms of optional modifications for residents with special needs or reduced mobility. Our facility is fitted with such modifications throughout to provide the safest possible living environment, reduce the risk of falling and increase the manageability of tasks.

A view of the countryside from inside an activities room at Mt St Vincent Nursing Home. Services include hydrotherapy and physiotherapy where members of the local community can attend with a referral from their doctor, quality medical and nursing care, modified living for people with disabilities or reduced mobility and daily cleaning services. 

We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to ensure the wellbeing of our residents. Mt St Vincent Nursing Hose have registered nurses working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure residents have immediate on site access to a trained health professional.

Leading the way in aged care career development

Over the past couple of years Mt St Vincent Nursing Home has been working in partnership with the University of Tasmania and the Wicking Dementia Research Centre to promote aged care as a career path by providing a positive learning experience for medical, nursing and paramedic students.

The Federal Government is providing funds to build a learning and social centre which will accommodate students in the future.

A number of students were involved in inter professional learning activities where the various disciplines worked in teams to present case studies. These provided opportunities to improve outcomes for our residents. Hosting students have been embraced by the whole of the facility with all staff working together to provide a welcoming environment to enhance their learning experiences.

The Committee of Management at Mt St Vincent have worked with staff to produce ‘The Dignity Booklet’ which defines what dignity means at Mt St Vincent Nursing Home involving residents, staff and committee members.

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The St Vincent de Paul Society has a range of services and activities for seniors. Simply click on the relevant links below to find out what is on offer in your state or territory. Alternatively, contact your state and territory by visiting the Contacts page on this website. 


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The St Vincent de Paul Society would not exist without its members and volunteers; they are the Society. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society we invite you read more about what the role entails by visiting the Get Involved page on this website.

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