Jenelle Witty of Nollamara, better known as Perth fashion blogger ‘Inspiring Wit’, has been chosen to partner with Vinnies for the Perth Fashion Festival’s Restyle challenge which starts this Friday 1 August.Jenelle Witty

Restyle is a photo-a-day Opshop challenge where by seven of Perth’s leading fashion bloggers have been selected and paired with seven opshop retailers to shop and style for the month of August.

The challenge involves participants following a daily style prompt, listed on the Perth Fashion Festival website, and sharing their style interpretation with their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followers.
Jenelle said she was stoked about being paired with Vinnies saying “Vinnies do all kinds of great work.”

“I for one had shopped at Vinnies, but really had no idea what kind of impact the Society has on those in need within our community,” Jenelle said.

“To say that this project has been eye opening and humbling is right on target. In my world of fashion blogging, keeping in tune with some of these harsh realities is important to say the least.”

Jenelle has already visited numerous Vinnies shops, many on more than one occasion, and has also been given a tour of the Vinnies depot in Osborne Park where all the goods are collected and distributed.
The day 1 challenge on Friday is to find an outfit that incorporates glitter. To see what Jenelle comes up with go to

The full list of style prompts is below.

Perth Fashion Festival Restyle fashion prompts
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