We are still here but while our Youth Services are temporarily on hold for now, but our young Vinnies teams are helping out in various areas across the Society.

For example Shannon and Jacob have been volunteering in the Bushfire Assistance Call Centre and assisting people when they call in needing help. We also have multiple young Vincentians working across Soup Vans, Retail and the eBay Store. 

While child related activities have been put on hold for now, Young Vinnies teams are looking at ways to stay connected with the children and teens they support. To spread some Easter joy, we recently had our Teen Camp committee and Casey Young Vinnies groups set out to deliver hampers of chocolate to those they serve. Maintaining these relationships are at the forefront of all Young Vinnies teams.  

School workshops, services and programs are also currently on hold. We are being adaptable with the changes and are pleased to offer Skype sessions for interested schools. Want us to host your next Mini Vinnies virtually? Or run through a Vinnies workshop? Please contact the Youth Engagement Team to book in a session via

We are pleased to add a new dimension to the Footsteps of Frederic (FOF) Program, through FOF Goes Live! This year it kicked off in February with a retreat but now, with the inability to have face-to-face sessions, is another example of the Society reimagining how we deliver programs so that they can continue. 

Changes to this service are due to the government’s COVID-19 health directive to limit social contact which will reduce the risk to people we assist and to our volunteers. 

Rest assured, that once this crisis is over, our services (Teen Camps, Kids Day Out, College Open Day and Roadshow) will be back to normal.

Should you have any queries at this time please contact the Youth Engagement Team via