Vinnies aims to raise much needed funds to combat homelessness with an event that involves a piece of cardboard, soup, sleeping rough and members of the community.

The annual Vinnies Yeronga Community Sleepout will be on Tuesday 12 August at the Yeronga Park Pool where participants will experience a rough night after raising much needed funds.

Vinnies South Brisbane Regional Council President Margaret Cronin said that the funds raised through participants would be used to provide emergency accommodation for women and children facing homelessness.

"The sad fact is that 27 per cent of our homeless are children and we need to give them a hand up when they have nowhere else to turn," she said.

"At the event, you will be given a piece of cardboard, a cup of soup and a bread roll which is the extent of supper for many homeless people.

Mrs Cronin said that it would be an experience similar to that of many people sleeping rough, the uncomfortable sleeping, the cold, waking up often startled by unfamiliar noises and being a little hungry and still tired next morning.

"With Homeless Persons Week reminding us of the plight of people in need, we can all band together through the sleepout to build some lasting change," she said.

"Register online, email all your friends and ask them to financially support you to help women and children facing homelessness.

"And if people want to help but can’t sleep out, make a donation online to support someone who has registered. It takes all of us to make change and financially supporting us is just as crucial as the people who are sleeping out.

"The funds raised through this event help those in need in our local community.

"Homelessness can be a cycle and difficult one for a person to break free from without help. With a little help from all of us in the wider community, we can give that hand up out of the cycle and a chance for a better life," Ms Cronin said.

Participants can register at