Vinnies opened its doors on the beautiful Magnetic Island today offering good quality second hand items for locals.

The new shop located at shop 6, 95 Sooning Street Nelly Bay is open Monday to Saturday from 9am.

Magnetic Island Conference President Mike Franzman said that the Vinnies team were thrilled to offer a wide range of good quality second hand clothing, accessories and household items.

"Every fortnight a Vinnies vehicle loaded with a range of good quality second hand items will come across on the FantaSea ferry," he said.

"That same vehicle will take away all the landfill waste our operations generate so we have zero impact on the wider Island and people who live here.

"This also means we will always have new and exciting items in the shop for locals, backpackers, tourists and day-trippers.

"We will be the only charity shop on the Island." he said.

Mr Franzman said that the shop was thanks to many hands supporting a request from the community.

"Our community was asking for a charity centre and we responded.

"But we didn’t do it alone. Our Vinnies team worked hard and were supported by Magnetic Island locals and businesses. The team at FantaSea provided sponsorship of the ferry service and the Magnetic Island Community News spread the word.

"Anyone interested in volunteering at the Vinnies Shop can drop in and register their interest. The shop is run entirely by volunteers, who are the backbone of our operations.

"The funds we raise through the shop will go towards the assistance, programs and services Vinnies offers in our wider community.

"This new Centre reflects the confidence the Society has in the local community and a reinforcement of its commitment to those in need."