Vinnies together with local celebrity Todd Widdicombe banded together to officially launch the Sunshine Coast Community Sleepout to raise more than $50,000 to help those facing homelessness.

Participants can sign up at to raise the much needed funds and experience sleeping rough at the event to be held on Thursday 25 June.

St Vincent de Paul Society Northern Dioceses President Ian Laherty said that the funds raised helped people just like *Kevin who had faced homelessness.

"Thanks for the generosity of donors we had the funds to provide support and services that meant Kevin could turn his life around with a positive outcome.

"After breaking the cycle of addiction, we made sure Kevin had a place to stay and keep him from relapsing, which we are proud to say he has kept moving forward. He told us the support from Vinnies was the key factor that the detox and rehabilitation process worked for him. We were there for him every step of the way."

Mr Laherty said that each participant would have the chance to experience a night of homelessness with only a piece of cardboard to sleep on, a sleeping bag and a simple meal.

"Last year we had 70 locals take up the challenge who raised funds and awareness to help break the vicious cycle of homelessness. We have plenty of spaces left for this year and a good few months to raise the money.

"The challenge is on to see who in the community will rise to be our top fundraiser and it all depends on the support of their sponsors," he said.

The Community Sleepout Sunshine Coast will take place on Thursday 25 June for participating business and community to experience a night of homelessness while raising money from their sponsors.

Registrations and donations can be made online at

Event background

The 2014 Vinnies Community Sleepout will be held on Thursday 25 June. The aim for the Vinnies Community Sleepout is not only to raise funds, but to raise awareness of homeless. The discomfort of sleeping on the streets is a fragment of the larger reality we hope to impart upon influential leaders of our community. To be part of this year’s Community Sleepout, business leaders can register online at to participate and collect online donations.