The ‘Vinnies Queensland – Enabling the Information Age’ project aims to up-skill our Members in basic digital literacy and enhance local service delivery through new equipment and training.

The Society is currently working towards resourcing each Conference with an iPad, wireless printer and accessories to provide better access to Society forms, systems and VOLT. Everything that can be done on a laptop will be available on the iPad. iPad’s have been trialed by several Conference Members from the Gold Coast who were excited by the quick access to data (particularly on home visits), and the ability to link the iPad to a television for use during Conference meetings.

A regional training package is also being developed in consultation with Ordyss (a technology solutions provider) and our volunteers. Training will be provided in key locations across the state over the next 12 months and will include the following core components:

• Familiarisation with hardware (specifically iPads and wireless printers)

• Basic functions (i.e. sending emails, downloading information, search internet, accessing online services)

• Introduction to Society platforms (i.e. SOL (client management database), TechOne (financial system)).

The main objectives of the project are to:

• help our Members feel confident, comfortable and safe using computers and the internet

• enhance our efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service delivery to people in need

• enable local communities to increase their online engagement and better understand the opportunities of digital technology.