St Theresa’s Conference Ravenshoe have been successful through the Real Needs Community Grant from Real Insurance for their Ravenshoe Breakfast Club!

The Ravenshoe Breakfast Club delivers a free, healthy breakfast to students of Ravenshoe State High School, providing more than 30 children fuel for learning throughout the day. The program is a collaborative effort between St Vincent de Paul conference members, Local Chaplaincy Committee and Ravenshoe SHS staff. The Club first commenced in 2008 for young people aged 12 to 18 and has grown in popularity since.

Staff say the program has had a positive impact on educational engagement and attainment. Local Conference Member David Armstrong said: “Ravenshoe State High School is a great school and the breakfast club has had a really positive impact in the local community. So many children are now attending not only for a healthy breakfast but also to chat with their friends and volunteers and develop their support networks.” Real Needs funding will be used to purchase essential foodstuffs and kitchen equipment to meet the growing needs of the student population.