The generous donations made to Vinnies by our supporters have provided assistance to thousands of Queenslanders experiencing homelessness, just like Kevin. After losing his father and some close friends, Kevin started down a path of helplessness and despair. Kevin was able to start rebuilding his life with the help of Vinnies. This is his story.

Kevin is from Bendigo, Victoria. After his father and five of his close friends passed away, he moved to Queensland. He struggled to find a place to live, and began sleeping rough. He had been using drugs and alcohol for 30 years and was constantly in and out of jail. Despite several attempts at detox and rehab, Kevin always ended up drinking again. He was depressed and  considered suicide.

“I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help.”

He attended the local Community Centre and was introduced to one of our Vinnies Homelessness Support Workers, who arranged temporary accommodation at a caravan park and supplied him with clothing and toiletries.

Kevin battled with his addiction for some time, and then his final thread of support was cut. His sister, who had been providing him with money from time to time, told Kevin that she would not help him anymore if he did not attend detox. Vinnies helped Kevin commence the difficult journey through detox and rehab.

“I finally hit rock bottom again. I felt like i had nobody to rely on ... i was running out of resources and had burned so many bridges.”

When Vinnies members arrived to transport Kevin to detox, he was a mess. He’d been drinking heavily again and became agitated on the way to the detox centre.

“I realised: this was it! i had to do it.”

He spent the next three months working hard in rehab. Kevin’s case worker told Vinnies she couldn’t believe the difference in the man who walked out the door compared to the state he was in when he arrived.

By the time Kevin left rehab, Vinnies had arranged a one bedroom unit for him and a household full of furniture from their warehouse. Kevin left rehab, signed his new lease and began to rebuild his life in an affordable and safe  home.

“It was tough coming out of rehab and i was worried about lapsing, but vinnies supported me and encouraged me not to give up. i love my new home, I’m settled and doing really well.”

When Kevin decided he was ready to change, Vinnies was there to provide him with the support he needed.

While Kevin’s story has a positive outcome many do not. Close to 20,000 people in Queensland face homelessness every night, and Vinnies relies on your compassion to help these people rebuild their lives.