Barry’s lasting legacy is to ‘do unto others as you would have do unto yourself.’  

We are, undoubtedly, the lucky country. Barry Sogood’s had his share of luck throughout the years. He’s overcome cancer and survived a stroke. He’s taught himself to walk again, and regained his ability to speak with the help of a speech therapist. Yep, Barry’s been lucky indeed – and he knows it.

Maybe that’s why he’s persevered as an advocate for philanthropy, dedicating his time to helping those with very little. Or it might be his Catholic upbringing and his strong faith. To this day, Barry vividly remembers his dad telling him to ‘stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.’

And he has stood strong. Born with a natural affinity for training horses, Barry gained a reputation as a horse whisperer from a young age. He’s worked with well over 100 horses, rescued them, trained them and rehabilitated them.

But upon retiring and moving to Brisbane, Barry found himself living in Annerley and surrounded by people in need. Humanitarian refugees from Africa, people just starting to rebuild their lives after surviving war, famine and worse, were struggling to support themselves.

Of course, after dedicating a lifetime to rescuing horses, Barry couldn’t ignore the immense human need around him. He resolved to do what he could, and went about helping them in whatever way he could with his own money.

He later connected with the St Vincent de Paul Society, and continued to support people in need in his local community by collecting and redistributing unsold baked goods from bakeries, and providing transport to families at his own cost.

Barry’s dad always told him to “do unto others as you would have do unto yourself.” It’s what he’s lived by to this day, and it’s why he’s given so generously of his time helping refugees build their lives in Australia. And it’s a legacy he wants to continue into the future, so he has entrusted a bequest to the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Around Queensland, the Society supports over 265,000 people every year, through crisis and every day trials. Barry has peace of mind knowing his gift will be put to use helping families and individuals, just as he himself has done so generously. Thank you Barry, for all that you’ve done to make a difference and for the charitable spirit you’ve shown in choosing your legacy.

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