Vinnies volunteer Warren Bryce is the type of person who makes country towns like Longreach great places to live.

Warren not only gives up his own time to help Vinnies but is also the treasurer of the local RSL sub-branch, a Lions Club member and a proud Scout Dad, all while working full time as a truck driver.

Not one to seek recognition for his consistent efforts helping others, Warren was recently honoured as a baton carrier for the Commonwealth Games.

Giving back to the community through Vinnies runs in the Bryce family. Son Calvin, 12, regularly pitches in to help his dad on truck runs and daughter Mackenzie, 10, volunteers for Vinnies on weekends. Even Warren’s wife Jo Hellyer, who nominated Warren to carry the baton, manages the local Vinnies Longreach shop after previously being a volunteer.

“My wife nominated me for all the volunteering I do within the community and for just generally helping people around town,” Warren said.

“It was a nice surprise, I was a bit nervous to start with but it ended up being a really cool day.

“There was a lot of family and friends and a lot of Vinnies people who turned up as well, which was really nice.

“We have a very generous community, we get a lot of stuff donated from a lot of people.”

“I drive the ute down to Barcaldine and pick-up stock from there, it is usually bales of gear or boxes and Calvin, my son, he helps load the ute up,” Warren said.

“I do pick-ups when people donate their furniture and then deliver the sold items on weekends to people who can’t get their new furniture home.

 “We’re looking to grow the service there because the community has been so supportive and so appreciative.”

Warren said his selfless attitude to giving back is instinctive.

“I don’t really have a clue why I volunteer so much, I’m just there to help.” 

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