Vinnies is not accepting material donations of clothes or household goods for the time being.

We have decided to stop donations in order to protect the safety of our staff and volunteers, to minimise person-to-person contact and multiple handling of goods. We also want to ensure that if there is staff shortage, we do not have piles of unsorted donations in our warehouses, shops, or in and around our collection bins, that could potentially be causing a health hazard.

While we only accept the best quality donations to stock our shops, our volunteers sort through large volumes of donations of varying quality every day and may feel uncomfortable handling goods during this time of uncertainty. We want to support them and ensure their comfort, health and safety while they continue to do their good works.

As such, we have the following directions on donations:

  • Donations cannot be dropped at inside or outside shops,
  • large kerbside collection bins are being removed from the community and
  • Vinnies trucks will not be collecting donations.

Our bins and in-store donations are being removed to avoid the risk of dumping, and our trucks are not picking up goods to reduce risks associated with person-to-person contact and the number of people moving around in the community.

NO donations of clothes or household goods will be accepted by any methods.

If you have already arranged for Vinnies to pick up a donation, that service is now regretfully cancelled.

If you are able to, please hold on to your items as we will be delighted to collect your generous donation once the health crisis has passed, or you should feel free to pass it on to any charity of your choice.