St Vincent de Paul Society congratulates Federal Coalition on their election win

21 May 2019

Ms Claire Victory, the President of the National Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Australia, recognising the Federal Coalition’s election win said: “We look forward to working with the re-elected Morrison Government to build a fairer and more just nation.

“The Government, and the country, face major challenges, with three million Australians living in poverty and hundreds of thousands of Australians struggling to find an affordable home. Our experience tells us that individuals and families who are out of work or underemployed are struggling to make ends meet.

The National President went on to highlight the Society’s commitment to some unfinished business. “In the lead up to the Federal Election there was unprecedented community and business support to raise the rate of Newstart. The Society will continue to push for an increase to these payments. As well, we will work with the Coalition Government to develop new policy responses to tackle Australia’s housing affordability crisis, including the development of an approach to address the ongoing huge shortfall in social and affordable housing.

“The St Vincent de Paul Society is committed to working with the re-elected Federal Government to deliver a country where our economic success is shared by everyone.”

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