23 April 2018

Imagine a caring, compassionate and responsible budget

Today the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council released its Federal Budget Priorities Statement that challenges the Government to allocate our resources so that the many are not made to bear the cost of protecting the wealth of the few.

“Budgets are about vision and policy priorities, not just a dry exercise in balancing the books,” said Dr John Falzon, CEO of the St Vincent de Paul National Council.

“We have been disappointed by the previous budgets of this Government, which have been near-sighted and punitive towards people experiencing inequality and poverty. This year our hope is that the Government actually uses the Budget to reduce, rather than increase inequality,” Dr Falzon said.

The St Vincent de Paul Society statement emphasises the following priorities:

adequate income and a strong social safety net;

decent employment and a living wage;

secure Housing;

good health for all;

community services and support for those in need;

empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;

underpinned by a fair and equitable tax system.

The Society’s Statement highlights the consequences of growing inequality, and stresses that further tax cuts will inevitably deepen and entrench the wealth gap.

“Delivering further cuts to company taxes and income tax will not only widen inequalities, but also deplete the revenue needed to fund our hospitals, schools, community services and public infrastructure,” said Dr Falzon.

“Good outcomes will not be attained through unsustainable tax cuts for some. Our level of taxation is already unsustainably low if we want to build a fairer and more egalitarian society in which no one is excluded.”

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