St Vincent de Paul Society today ramps up call to action on Manus

8 November 2017

Today, the St Vincent de Paul Society has called on its members across Australia to write to the Prime Minister expressing their deep and urgent concern for the safety of refugees on Manus Island.

The only way safety can be ensured is if the Australian government immediately evacuates the men from Manus Island and brings them to Australia at least until longer term options are finalised.

CEO of St Vincent de Paul Society National Council, Dr John Falzon, said, “We are constantly getting reports from our own members on the ground on Manus and they indicate a deteriorating and dangerous situation. Many of the men who have been detained are vulnerable with a variety of health problems that cannot be treated adequately on Manus.”

“It is unconscionable that Australia has created this situation by detaining in a foreign country, men who had come to us to seek refuge. We are now further adding to their suffering by abandoning them in a dangerous situation without adequate food, water or health care,” he said.

A video addressing the issue on Manus Island has today been released to encourage all Australians to not ignore the growing humanitarian crisis.

A link to the Call to Action is available on the St Vincent de Paul website.

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