St Vincent de Paul Society stands by people affected by weekend penalty rate cuts

The St Vincent de Paul Society remains deeply opposed to cuts to weekend penalty rates, which are set to take affect from this Saturday.

The decision by Fair Work Australia to cut the income of weekend workers incrementally, first by five per cent this year, then by greater amounts up until 2020, is an attack on people who are already struggling to survive, the Society’s National Council CEO Dr John Falzon said.

“Changes to penalty rates will affect more than 700,000 workers across the retail, hospitality, fast-food and pharmacy industries. These industries have the largest proportions of low-paid, award reliant workers,” Dr Falzon said.

In some instances weekend workers will be worse off by up to $77 each week.

Meanwhile company tax cuts and generous tax concessions for the wealthy remain in place.

“Cutting penalty rates will not create jobs but it will build inequality,” Dr Falzon said.


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