30 March, 2017

Leaders from charities, the welfare sector, unions and think tanks will speak against corporate tax cuts on Thursday morning at Parliament House, calling for the Senate to block the cuts which would rip $50 billion dollars from the budget.

St Vincent de Paul Society CEO, John Falzon said: “You don't build a strong economy or a fair society by giving more to those who have much and taking from those who have little. Company tax cuts will not create jobs. But they will boost inequality and poverty in prosperous Australia

ACTU Secretary, Ged Kearney said: “This government has neglected to make a submission to raise the minimum wage every single year it has been in office – and that wouldn’t cost them anything. But it is going to hand big business 50 billion, with no evidence to suggest that any of that money will create new jobs or increase pay.”

“This government needs to get serious about addressing wage growth which has sunk to historic lows on its watch. A hand-out to its mates in the corporate sector does not qualify.”

Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist said: “Yesterday, big business leaders came out in force, but failed to give any evidence that showed that these $50 billion dollar tax cuts were the most cost effective way of delivering ‘jobs and growth’.

“Nor did they outline a plan to address Australia’s revenue gap needed to fund health and education and other services as well as future infrastructure.

“This is much needed revenue that even the Treasury modelling admits will have to be found from cutting elsewhere or raising taxes on Australian workers.


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