The Drought is Taking Its Toll

As the devastating drought continues, remember you’re not alone. Vinnies is right here, doing what we’ve always done: offering a hand-up to people doing it tough. We encourage anyone who is struggling as a result of the drought to contact us.

Government Financial Assistance to Areas in Drought

The Commonwealth Government has asked Vinnies to deliver a second round of financial assistance through the Drought Community Support Initiative (DCSI).

Farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers who live in one of the 123 Local Government Areas identified by the Government will be able to apply for this assistance from early November 2019 to June 2020.

Vinnies and the Salvos will be distributing $3,000 to each eligible household.

More information will be available on this webpage in the coming weeks.

Vinnies assisted more than 3,700 farming households and delivered $11.2 million worth of assistance in the first round of DCSI assistance and we’re here to help again.

Vinnies Drought Assistance

Vinnies is also using its own resources to help farmers and others affected by the drought. We can:

  • help you to pay household bills
  • provide food vouchers and hampers
  • help you to apply for a No Interest Loan for a variety of household items
  • support community events such as BBQs, dinners and community forums
  • make referrals to partner organisations supplying food and water for livestock
  • visit you in your home to provide a shoulder to lean on
  • make referrals to an extensive network of other providers to cover all areas of need.

If you would like to access our support, or just want a bit more information, please call 13 18 12.

Donate to Vinnies’ Drought Appeal

Ben is a young farmer who recently suffered a health problem that led to Vinnies stepping in to support him and his family.

“My wife and I have been coping with drought conditions since 2011. We’re not ones to ask for help but it’s gotten to a point where we decided we needed to accept some assistance from Vinnies.”

Since 2011, Ben has had to sell off all his cattle and change to farming sheep and goats as a means to better survive the drought conditions.

After rupturing one of his eyes, Ben has been unable to complete all the farm work he was previously responsible for, with his wife needing to step in to get it done. This has created further financial and emotional stress.

“Vinnies kindly offered to pay for my medical bills, as this was an added expense we simply couldn’t afford on top of running the farm and providing for our two children.”

Ben is just one of hundreds of farmers that Vinnies is supporting through the drought.

Please donate so we can continue to be there for people like Ben.

Donate to NSW Drought Appeal

Donate to ACT Drought Appeal

Donate to QLD Drought Appeal