On June 18 2017, the Chief Executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council, Dr John Falzon, took part in a radio interview with 2GB’s Reverend Bill Crews on the topic of Australia’s poverty epidemic.



Dr Falzon says the pertinent question when it comes to poverty is ‘What kind of society do we want for ourselves and for our children? Do we want an egalitarian, fair society where no one misses out on a fair go, where no child misses out on the very best education, where no child is going to be homeless, where no one is going to be denied the very best healthcare? Of course, I think most people would say well you know that sounds fair. At the moment we’ve got a society based on the principle of to those who have much more will be given and from those who have nothing, the little they have will be taken away. But what we should be aiming for is the kind of society based on the principle of from each according to their ability and from each according to their need.’ The audio was first published by 2GB.