30 March, 2017

Our National Council CEO Dr John Falzon joined others including ACTU secretary Ged Kearney and the Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist, at Parliament House, to oppose corporate tax cuts being passed by the Senate.

The Federal Government's 10-year plan to get the company tax rate incrementally down to 25 per cent is being debated by the Senate on Thursday, the last day Parliament sits before the federal budget on 9 May. 

Dr Falzon said neither a strong economy nor a fair society would result from 'giving to those who already have much and taking from those who have little or nothing.'

"That's what these company tax cuts, coupled with cuts to social expenditure, will do," he told reporters.

His comments were picked up by media outlets including The MercuryThe Australian,  7news website, SBS news website and news.com.au

On Wednesday the chiefs of some of Australia's top companies appealed to Senate cross benchers to pass the corporate tax cuts.