If you or somebody you know gets one of these letters, they should immediately:

  • contact the agency contracted to provide their income payments, and

  • contact the legal centre or migration agent that is helping them, if any.

They should do this before they talk to the Department so that they can get appropriate advice about what they should do. People should not ignore the letter and hope it will go away. The earlier they talk to a lawyer, the better.

If the person receving the letter does not already have someone helping them with their claim, they should contact their nearest legal centre immediately to see if they can help. Legal centres are doing everything they can to help these people, but they are under-staffed and under-resourced. If the person has a letter, they should inform the legal centre about this when they first contact them.

If the person's income payments are stopped, they should talk to the agency that provides their income support payments (i.e. their SRSS provider) as soon as they can. Once they submit their application, their support payments should be reinstated.