Vinnies Welcomes NSW Stimulus Package

Friday 27 March 2020

The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW has welcomed the second coronavirus stimulus package from the NSW Government, saying it is a relief to see increased measures supporting people in need and the charities that assist them.

The package announced today includes $80 million for those facing significant financial hardship because of the crisis, including $34 million to help prevent homelessness and $10 million for charities.

“It is a relief to see recognition of the vital role homelessness services will play in the months ahead, as the level of need escalates. We’re yet to see the details, but this is a welcome start,” said Jack de Groot, CEO of Vinnies NSW.

“It’s encumbent upon governments to ensure everyone who currently has a safe place to live can keep their homes.

“Vinnies has been advocating alongside dozens of other organisations for a moratorium on evictions. We understand the NSW Government is considering measures to address this, and we welcome that move.

“We also welcome the additional money allocated to help people stay connected to their energy provider. At the same time as many people lose their incomes, they will see bills rise as they stay at home to protect our communities,” Mr de Groot said.

“We also understand the NSW Government is considering a moratorium on energy disconnections, and we would welcome the additional security this would give for families worried about affording the essentials.”

Vinnies is already seeing a significant increase in the level of need for emergency relief, with many households running out of food and unable to afford more. This is resulting in a steep rise in requests for assistance.

“Vinnies stands ready to support our communities in dealing with the impacts of coronavirus, but this is a shared responsibility with government,” Mr de Groot said.

“We look forward to seeing the details around how the NSW Government will work with charities to ensure food and financial relief reach those who need it most.”


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