Vinnies Shops urgently need volunteers to help fund services for people experiencing homelessness and DV

15 November 2021

If you are interested in volunteering with Vinnies Shops anywhere in NSW, please call 02 9350 9600 or register your interest at

As we approach Christmas, Vinnies is in urgent need of more volunteers to help run its shops to raise funds for people who are experiencing homelessness, domestic and family violence and poverty.

“Demand for our services is increasing at the same time lower than usual numbers of volunteers is impacting our ability to keep all of our shops open, so that they can raise crucial funds to pay for them,” St Vincent de Paul Society NSW CEO, Jack de Groot, said.

“Vinnies Shops raise critical funds for the Society every year, which it relies on to help people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and more.

“Every day, we provide food, accommodation, casework, help with bills, and other daily necessities to people in need. 

“Each year, our members and staff provide assistance to tens of thousands of people, we serve thousands of meals, give millions in direct material assistance, help thousands of women and children escape domestic violence – the list goes on.

“We are able to do this in great part due to the revenue that comes from Vinnies Shops.

“We have an urgent need for more volunteers or our ability to help people in need may be restricted.

“This is coming at the worst possible time, as there are significant pressures on Vinnies’ services that are driving demand up.

“In the first quarter of this financial year, there was a 20 per cent increase in the number of people seeking assistance from our DV services.

“We are at a point where emergency COVID unemployment payments are being withdrawn and those people will lose the safety net that was keeping them housed and fed,” Mr de Groot said.

“Volunteering at a Vinnies Shop is one of the most rewarding things you can do,” St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Vice President – Social Justice, Brooke Simmons, said.

“Money is tight for a lot of people right now due to COVID but if you’ve got some time spare, I can’t recommend volunteering with Vinnies enough.

“Some of our volunteers have been with us for decades and they do it because they enjoy the company of like-minded people they find themselves with.

“Sharing collective goals with great people to raise money for people who need help – it doesn’t get much better than that,” Ms Simmons said.

Media contact: Lachlan Jones  |  0417 446 430