NSW Government must get it right on housing and energy

Housing affordability and energy costs are key election issues in 2019 and there are seven steps the next NSW Government could take to fix them.

Vinnies NSW CEO Jack de Groot today launched Vinnies NSW 2019 election statement The Way Home, calling on the incoming government to show leadership to reduce poverty and disadvantage.

“While our economy is strong and many people in our community have accumulated unprecedented levels of wealth, too many families still struggle to meet the costs of even their most basic needs” Mr de Groot said.

“Affordable housing is the first step. Without a secure home they can afford, people cannot rebuild their lives or reimagine their futures.

“Last year, the NSW Parliament affirmed that housing is a human right. Now is the time to step up and deliver on that right,” Mr de Groot said.

Every day, Vinnies members and volunteers visit hundreds of families across NSW who need help. Chair of Vinnies’ Social Justice Committee Peter McNamara said that the cost of housing is one of the most insidious problems they encounter.

“These families desperately want to build a better life, but they face too many obstacles to doing so,” Mr McNamara said.

“The high cost of housing is exacerbated by the rising cost of energy. For people with limited housing choices and little control over the amount of energy they use, the massive increases in energy prices have been enormously damaging.”

Vinnies NSW calls on the next NSW Government to:

  • Mandate affordable housing requirements
  • Build new social housing units
  • End unfair evictions
  • Improve the energy efficiency of rented homes
  • Fix energy concessions
  • Improve access to housing and homelessness services
  • Reduce rough sleeping by 25 per cent by 2021

CEO Jack de Groot is availble for interview.