Vinnies Announces the Opening of ‘Donation Stations’

9 April 2020

‘Donation Stations’ will enable the responsible donating of clothes and household goods to continue during the COVID-19 crisis.

Vinnies NSW has today announced the opening of eight ‘Donation Stations’ sites throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. The ‘Donation Stations’ are equipped to accept quality donations of clothes, bric-a-brac, books and household items. With all Vinnies Shops temporarily closed across NSW, the ‘Donation Stations’ sites will enable Vinnies to continue accepting donations during this difficult time. Continuing to collect quality donations now will be essential when we re-open our Shops. Funds raised through the shops support essential services for people facing poverty, homelessness and disadvantage.

“We know many people are taking the increased time at home during COVID-19 as an opportunity to clean up and reorganise,” said Jack de Groot, Vinnies NSW CEO.

“We rely on the generosity of donations to support our services and encourage people to continue that goodwill by donating quality clothes, books and house-hold items as normal. For larger items, like furniture, we ask that you call ahead on 9350 9660 so we can assess our capacity to take them.

“As always, our advice is ‘if you’d give it to a mate, it’s OK to donate’. Please donate responsibly – if it’s dirty, damaged or dangerous we won’t be able to accept it.

“Vinnies ‘Donation Stations’ are designed with social distancing measures in mind to reduce risks as much as possible. We kindly ask that people donate at these sites, rather than leaving items outside of the donation bins, on the street or footpath.”

Unfortunately, items left outside Vinnies Shops and dedicated bins often need to be thrown away, with the cost of disposal being borne by the charity.

Vinnies ‘Donation Stations’ sites are open daily from 9am – 3.30pm. Sites will be open on Easter Saturday and Monday (closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday).

At this time Vinnies Donation Stations are only located throughout Sydney. Plans to expand throughout NSW are being developed – regional residents can continue to donate at their local charity bins.

More information is available at

Vinnies Donation Stations are located at:


24 Roger Street, Brookvale


Judges Lane, Waverley - Back gate


8 Willoughby Lane,Crows Nest - Roller door


710 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland – Driveway


Clarendon Place, Burwood - Back gate


433 Great Western Highway, Greystanes - Left hand side dock


248 Humphries Road, Bonnyrigg


Jersey Lane Hornsby - Back gate


The majority of Vinnies’ community services across NSW remain open and running, helping those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. People can call 13 18 12 for support.

Media contact: | 0417 446 430