Vinnies Gives $1 Million to Date in Drought Assistance

The St Vincent de Paul Society has now distributed more than a million dollars in NSW alone to people experiencing hardship as a result of the drought.

Many hard-working Australian farmers have found themselves unable to make ends meet thanks to one of the severest dry spells in living memory. With members living across the State, Vinnies is well-placed to give them a welcome hand up.

Vinnies New South Wales CEO Jack de Groot said: “Our networks of local people in affected communities are doing what they’ve always done: reaching out to neighbours who are struggling.”

“Many people faced with the loss of income have needed help with food, paying for household bills, water, and school costs. The money we have raised thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters has already helped relieve the financial burdens causing stress and grief to hundreds of families.”

“Working in partnership with local organisations and communities, Vinnies is also reminding farmers that they are not alone through community events and home visits.”

While Vinnies NSW has given out $1 million since August 2018, there are still many experiencing the effects of the drought who are not yet reaching out for the help they need.

“We still find that some people are not fully aware of the assistance that is available,” added Jack de Groot. “We’d like to support as many farmers and communities affected by the drought as possible and we encourage anyone affected to contact us for help today.”

And as the drought continues, Vinnies continues to call on the community to donate to the Drought Appeal. Current funding has come from community and school fundraisers, individual and corporate donations, and a significant grant from the National Farmers Federation and Rotary Australia via the Channel 9 drought appeal. “This drought is far from over,” concluded Mr. De Groot. “As spring turns to summer, we are aware things will only get worse. Sadly crops will fail and livestock will suffer. Vinnies is here to help, and will offer farmers a hand-up for as long we can.”

Assistance can be accessed by calling 13 18 12 and selecting option 2, or by going to

Donations can be made by calling 13 18 12; at; or at any local Vinnies Shop.