Where am I going to walk away to?

14 March 2022

Renata is one of the many people Vinnies has been able to assist with the funds raised through the Vinnies NSW Flood Appeal.

You can help communities impacted by flooding in northern NSW today by donating at www.vinnies.org.au/nswfloodappeal or calling 13 18 12.

As Renata stands in the remains of her flood-damaged home, a thought at the top of mind for many Lismore residents comes out.

“I don’t even know where to start.”

Left to deal with the fallout of the worst flood to hit the northern NSW community, Renata looks on at the sight of irreparable items and valuables, belonging to her and her teenage son. They are piled up outside her ruined home alongside similar piles up and down the side of the road.

“It’s devastating – it’s all just rubbish now, all just landfill – there’s nothing.

“That’s our beautiful home, where you feel safe and secure, where you shut out the outside world, you’ve got a safe place and your special things, where you can be who you really are without the social façade.

“Now none of us have that; we’re all sitting in our cars because that’s the only place that is really ours – if you’re lucky enough that you’ve got a car.

“How long is it going to take? What’s it going to take?“

While the road ahead is long and uncertain for Renata and countless others like her, the support offered by Vinnies and other organisations at recovery centres located throughout the region is providing solace in a time of need.

“Every cent that comes in, whether it’s a meal voucher, whether it’s substantial, is just so helpful and so welcome at the moment for the whole community.”

“A little bit of money makes a huge amount of difference to people like us, every cent to rebuild and start again and pick ourselves up – it’s enormous.”

For as heartbreaking as Renata’s situation is to hear, she remains determined to persevere in the community she calls home.

“We have to keep going, it’s important to save our homes and dry them out so that we can rebuild and provide some future for our children and for ourselves.

“And for the whole town – if we’re strong then we can go and help those who have a bigger job in front.

“This is our home – where am I going to walk away to?”

You can make a difference and help flood-affected communities to rebuild by generously donating to the Vinnies NSW Flood Appeal today.

Vinnies is able to assist locals, like Renata, with immediate financial relief up to $3,000 and provide longer-term support to help flood-affected communities recover and rebuild.

Visit www.vinnies.org.au/nswfloodappeal or call 13 18 12 to help Vinnies make a difference.