Vinnies Takes the Lead with Circular Fashion Initiative

Wednesday 3 May 2020

Every item has an impact. With the current fast-pace of fashion consumption, nearly 6000 kilograms of clothing and textile waste goes to Australian landfills every 10 minutes! Globally this adds up to 11.7 million tonnes of waste every year, despite the fact that most clothing and textiles are actually recyclable.


What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is one that aims to eliminate waste through the continual use of resources. By reusing, sharing, repairing and recycling, a circular economy closes the loop to create resources from rubbish and ensure nothing goes to waste.

Known and loved as one of the main charities taking responsibility for keeping items in communities and out of Australian landfill, we saw there was more to be done with clothing received in condition that’s not fit for re-sale. To find a solution to this problem, we have dedicated time and resources, and will now be part of a solution that turns costly and needless waste into something far more valuable.


Introducing re/CYCLE

re/CYCLE is a new eco-friendly range of blankets, throws, rugs, and cushions. This range is made from recycled clothing & textiles which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Many of our donations not suitable for re-sale on the shop floor are being sent to one of our textile recycler partners overseas. Once they arrive, our textiles join many other materials diverted from landfill, where they are broken down and turned into new, quality items which we then bring back to Australia and put on our shelves.


Much like all items sold in our shops, profits from re/CYCLE sales will support people experiencing poverty, homelessness and hardship throughout the state. We have worked hard to produce an affordable, sustainable option for any household, while also ensuring ethical supply chains.

This range is now exclusively available at our Brookvale, Sutherland, Nowra & Lavington shops, which are now open for business.