Discover a treasure at Vinnies Shops

Wednesday 5 October 2022

We are celebrating 100 Years of Vinnies Shops in NSW this October by offering customers the chance to uncover hidden treasures across the state.

From humble beginnings to 225 shops located throughout the state, Vinnies Shops allow people to discover treasures to make their own, while also raising vital funds to support people in need.

Many unexpected treasures pass through the Vinnies Shops at a point in their life including some hidden gems such as real diamond rings.

Before the closing of Vinnies Gosford, shop volunteers received a donation of two diamond rings from a deceased estate. After having these checked by a local jeweller, he said they would be worth around $10,000 for insurance value as they were classed as old diamonds. The rings were around 70 years old and considered difficult to find.

The diamond rings were displayed in the store with a price tag of $3000 where a customer saw the opportunity. After negotiations, the customer paid $2500 for the rings which she then took to a jeweller who worked both diamonds into a modern ring. Volunteers were excited to see what had been created from the rare diamonds.

Vinnies Mascot have also had valuable jewellery donated to their store, including some vintage pieces all verified by a local jewellery. A gold pin with sapphire and diamonds was priced at $1200 and sold, along with a matching pair of sapphire earrings and three vintage rings. All sold within 3 days of going for sale. Thanks to the guidance of expert jewellers, they were able command competitive pricing so that the profits can be used to help the people Vinnies assists.

Some other jewellery related finds include a recently sold $1500 gold charm bracelet and a sterling silver fob pendant from the late 1800s currently priced at $475 at Coffs Harbour Vinnies.

By researching and having jewellery and having other exceptional donations correctly valued, shops can command a higher price for these special items.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is celebrating a century of Vinnies Shops this October by offering customers the opportunity to discover rare treasures in locations across the state.

Visit participating Vinnies Shops from 24 October to 6 November to find the golden tagged treasure items. Every transaction made at a Vinnies NSW Shop during this period will be eligible to go in the draw to win one of several big-ticket items, simply scan the QR code at the Vinnies NSW Shop point of sale once you’ve made a purchase.

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