Women Leading the Way to a Better World

Friday 6 March 2020

Vinnies women come together on International Women’s Day to celebrate our achievements and continue to drive change to create a better, more equal world.

From volunteers giving their time in our Vinnies Shops, to members making a difference in their local communities, to staff who support people experiencing hardship through our services and members of our Executive Leadership Team who oversee the work we do, we are committed to uplifting women right across our organisation and giving them the opportunity to thrive.

Every day at Vinnies we work to shape a more just, equal and compassionate society. In NSW 68% of our staff members are female, showing the leading role women play in the social sector.


Beginning in 1911 when garment workers took action to fight for better conditions, International Women’s Day aims to celebrate the many and varied accomplishments of women, along with calling for gender equality across all levels of society.

This year’s theme is #EachforEqual, highlighting the power of collective individualism. As individuals we are all part of a larger whole. Together we can bring about change and create a gender-equal world.

Meet Niamh:

The culture of an organisation is set by its leaders.

At Vinnies NSW we are proud to have four amazing women make up 50% of our Executive Leadership Team.

As head of Vinnies Services, Niamh is responsible for overseeing our work in homelessness and housing, health, community inclusion and disability support.

“The tone at the top led by our executive team, both male and female members, is one of equality, fairness and integrity,” says Niamh. “Vinnies is the type of organisation anyone can feel proud to work for.”

Growing up in awe of the way her mother worked full-time while caring for five children, including one with cerebral palsy, Niamh strives to follow the example set by the women in her life.

“The inequity and system failure my mum has navigated through with determination and pure grit has both inspired and exasperated me in equal measure,” Niamh explains, “With this drive, I have structured my career around educating myself and acquiring the skills I need to succeed in improving quality of life for many like my sister.”

Meet Jodie:

Providing support to people in need is a major part of the work we do.

Client Support Officers can be found throughout the state acting as an invaluable point of contact for the people we assist, helping them to navigate the kinds of support available to them and giving a hand-up to meet their goals.

Beginning her journey with Vinnies as a volunteer at our office in Wyong, Jodie worked to gain a Diploma in Community Services before becoming a Client Support Officer.

Working as part of a tight-knit team, with local members and volunteers to assist people experiencing disadvantage, Jodie sees collaboration as a key part to making a difference every day.

“There is strength in numbers – together as a team we can all help each other achieve positive outcomes for all our clients,” says Jodie. “We are more powerful when we empower one another.”

Meet Connie:

Members and volunteers are the beating heart of Vinnies.

Across NSW there are more than 14,000 people who give their time working in our local Conferences and Vinnies Shops.

Connie joined Vinnies after she retired, wanting to give back to her community. Working as a volunteer at the Vinnies Shop in Riverwood, her role involves serving customers and ensuring they have an enjoyable shopping experience.

“Women in our workplace support each other by listening to each other’s opinions and offering advice,” says Connie. “All team members treat each other with mutual respect.”


To find out more about International Women’s Day, visit www.internationalwomensday.com International Women’s Day takes place on Sunday 8 March.