Vinnies in Action at Batemans Bay

25 January 2020

Up bright and early this morning Vinnies volunteer and President of Vinnies Canberra/Goulburn, John Feint hopes to have the opportunity to meet with Minister Andrew Constance at the Batemans Bay Recovery Centre today where he can introduce him to our volunteers and take him through how they are leading our bushfire response.

John has spent this week at Batemans Bay manning the Disaster Recovery Centre and yesterday was in Tumut NSW training volunteers on disaster recovery requirements.

On Wednesday alone, John’s team of volunteers distributed just over $106,000 in funds to people suffering due to the bushfires.

John said, “Over the last few days, it’s been a matter of helping people through their immediate difficulties. We tackle things that are most pressing for people right now and deal with those, so that their anxiety levels reduce”.

"The process of dealing with the issue takes several months and psychologically can take several years. After you move through the shock there is the grieving and then you start thinking about a plan and what you want to do.”

“We help people through those phases. We hope that through our work we ease the path for people and that they know that Vinnies is there to help them at any time during that process to provide material as well emotional support for people, help with financial packages and whatever they need to help them along their way.”

Vinnies volunteers are the heart and soul of our efforts on the ground and we can’t thank them enough for all that they do ❤️

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