Vinnies Brings Hope in Hard Times

Friday 17 April 2020

Here in NSW, Vinnies services including crisis accommodation and food vans for people experiencing homelessness are still up and running wherever we have the volunteer resources to keep going. Our Vinnies Vans service now looks a little bit different, keeping with health and safety measures to protect our volunteers and those we assist.

Vinnies volunteer Bradley, distributing snack packs, plus food vouchers generously donated by McDonalds

Right now, we are distributing over 1250 sandwiches and snack packs across Sydney each week to those who would otherwise go without. While our Sydney Vinnies Van Service is unable to visit public spaces to provide much-needed food and essentials due to social distancing, we have partnered with a number of organisations and parishes to allow for those who need it to access our essential food service. Each snack pack and sandwich is carefully put together by our volunteers, which are then distributed to our partners across Sydney who ensure it gets to those who need it.

Wollongong Vinnies Van

In Wollongong, our vans continue to distribute hot meals, sandwiches, bread, pantry items, fruit and snacks to the local community, where smaller crowds make social distancing easier.

We are still active in supporting the most vulnerable members of our community, as right now they need us more than ever. If you’d like to give a meal to someone in need, make a donation today.