Compassionate communities joining the Kindness Revolution

Thursday 2 April 2020

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.” – Fred Rogers

It’s a tough time for many of us right now. The coronavirus pandemic has made people fearful for their health, cut us off physically from our loved ones, put millions of jobs at risk, and prompted many changes to our everyday lives.

Among all this anxiety, Vinnies is determined to be there to keep our communities safe and supported.

Most of our community services are still running with social distancing regulations in place. We are providing food, groceries, fuel vouchers and financial assistance for people suddenly pushed into poverty by loss of income and employment.

Anyone needing assistance is welcome to call us on 13 18 12.

We are only able to meet the increasing calls for our assistance thanks to the generosity and dedication of so many Vinnies volunteers, donors, supporters and staff across NSW. Here are a few of the helpers who gave us hope this week.


Vinnies volunteers

Our volunteers are continuing to support people in their communities who’ve fallen on hard times. We are getting creative with our methods of providing assistance, finding ways of helping people and families without close face-to-face contact.

Shane and Damien volunteer for Vinnies in Sydney, and Damien is also the President of the Young Vinnies society at Sydney University. They recently dropped off supermarket vouchers in the letterboxes of families doing it tough around the inner Sydney suburbs.

“Not everyone is given equal opportunity, but I feel that if we can give even the slightest opportunity to make someone’s life better, then why shouldn’t we?” Damien says.

Shane and Damien on their letterbox-drop run.


Donors to the #KindnessRevolution food drive

Loss of income and panic-buying have left many people unable to purchase food and household essentials. As part of our #KindnessRevolution, we launched the Vinnies Food Drive, inviting people to drop off donations of non-perishable pantry items and toiletries at six locations around Sydney.

You answered the call, showing up with bags and armfuls of soup, cereal, pasta and more. What better feeling is there than helping someone put dinner on the table?


Quilton and ABC Tissue

Our friends at Quilton generously donated the only thing more precious than gold right now – toilet paper!

They hauled over a massive 83 pallets of toilet paper, carrying 16,600 packs with almost 100,000 rolls of the soft stuff. It will go to Vinnies services helping people facing poverty, homelessness and other kinds of disadvantage. Thanks Quilton!

Rob and Philip at our resource centre are helping to distribute the toilet paper to our service sites.


Macca’s approached us with a stack of Be Our Guest food vouchers, offering 500 cheeseburgers, 500 packs of chicken nuggets and 1,000 medium fries to be distributed throughout the state to people experiencing homelessness or struggling to afford meals.

We’re loving their support which will help people doing it tough during this uncertain time.


Become a helper

Can you help Vinnies to support our communities during coronavirus? Here are three ways you can make a difference right now: