Safety and Comfort in Community

Thursday 10 December 2020

Domestic and family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for children in Australia, with one in four children exposed to domestic violence throughout their childhood. Young people don't have to see the violence to be affected by it, and the impacts can often affect them for the rest of their lives. When women and their children come to us for assistance in escaping domestic abuse, we do everything we can to help make sure they are all supported to rebuild their lives as a family.

Susan’s Story

Susan was assisted by local conference members in Bellingen, NSW, to access accommodation and set up a new life in the local community.

Susan, a single mother with three young children, had been living in Sydney with her abusive partner, and one day decided she couldn’t take it any longer. Bundling up her children and essential items they could carry, they boarded a bus heading north with no set destination.

Susan remembered someone telling her that Bellingen was a welcoming place, and after getting off the bus she hitched a ride into town with her three kids.

Through contacting the local Vinnies conference, Susan was connected with safe accommodation and helped with daily essentials, such as food vouchers, electricity connection, clothes and toys for the kids, and arranging school enrolments.

Susan’s young family quickly became a welcomed part of the local community to continue their lives.


The Supre Foundation has generously donated $66,593 so far to Vinnies to help us provide critical support to girls and women across the country impacted by COVID-19, specifically to victims of domestic violence during this unprecedented time. We are so grateful for the Supré community in helping us continue to provide crisis accommodation and shelter, and long-term support and friendship, for women and children wanting to build new lives and move away from relationship violence. In addition, from now until end of December, 100% of proceeds from all Supré Foundation products will be donated between Vinnies, Food Bank and Beyond Blue to help with food, shelter and mental health services for vulnerable women during this uncertain time.

You can make a difference with a Supre Foundation tote, lip balm, tissue pack or mints. They have also recently added a Supre Foundation mask to the collection to help curb the spread during COVID-19.