Moving the Needle on Fashion Waste

Monday 16 March 2020


You’re invited!

What: The Empty Shop – a ‘reverse pop-up shop’ where you can give old clothes a new life

Where: Chatswood Chase in Sydney, and other locations in major cities across the country

When: Monday 16 March to Sunday 22 March

Why: Read below!


Charity shops began as a simple way to help people with less have access to more. Over time, mass production of textiles has driven prices down, creating new items on the market at affordable prices – meaning you don’t have to go to an op shop to nab a bargain.

While clothing is now cheaper than ever for the buyer, there is a greater price to pay for our environment. Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of fashion and textile waste goes to Australian landfill.

‘Fast fashion’ impacts our planet significantly, from consumption of water to the lengthy processes of decomposition. At Vinnies, we believe second-hand fashion is the eco-friendly future, with 64% of women now happy to buy pre-loved goods.

As part of a new initiative, Moving The Needle, Vinnies is working alongside fellow charity retailers Salvos Stores and Red Cross Shops to help move the needle on fashion and textile waste.

Together we’re partnering with fashion retailers and customers across the country to provide a more circular and sustainable model for fashion waste. By encouraging customers to donate their pre-loved clothing at convenient drop-off points instead of throwing them away, we aim to change the conversation around second-hand clothes and reduce textile waste in landfill by 20% by 2022.

This week at Chatswood Chase, our installation The Empty Shop is functioning as a reverse pop-up shop. It starts each day empty, ready to be filled up with clothes as customers drop off their pre-loved items. With one in each major city across the country, The Empty Shop also functions as an education and awareness piece for the public, to think before they shop and dispose of used clothing responsibly. Come along, make a donation and see what it's all about!